PerformerTrack: treat your acting career the way you should…like a business

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Here’s the deal. This is a business, like it or not. You certainly don’t need to treat it as such to do your own art, but if you want other people to see it, or get on tv, or get paid, then you have to. If that bothers you, then get another career.

Here’s the good news: this is a business. There are insane amounts of resources for you to be your own business person. My favorite one for performers (and anyone in entertainment really) is called Performer Track. I use it every single day to do the following:

  • Track all of my expenses! — Basically ANYTHING you do for your career is tax deductible, and this is by far the easiest way to keep track of it all.Example: Did you know you get 55 cents for every mile you drive to auditions, callbacks, etc.? This help you track it all…it adds up.
  • Keep track of all my auditions, call backs, etc.
  • Keep track of what I wore, the details of the project, what headshot I submitted, where I go the audition, and so much more
  • Maintain a master contact list

Performer Track is online and super easy to access. Oh, and it was created by actors so it’s super actor-friendly. Their website also has a lot of resources, and they do cool seminars in LA and elsewhere to introduce people to their product. Check out their site for details.

By the way, I don’t work for Performer Track or anything, they’re just the shiz. To sign up go to their website and use coupon code FRBW9 to receive 2 months free off your first year of PerformerTrack (full disclosure: I get a tiny referral fee when you use that code, but I’d pimp this software ’til I die even if I didn’t. For serious.)

Update: To get a sense of Performer Track and what it can do for you, check out their free webinars, or their promo videos.

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