Livin’ the Dream

Sep 23, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Thousands of Stories, Three Actors

Ben Whitehair

Alright friends. Here we go. This is going to be one sick journey.

I’ve been in Los Angeles for over 7 months now (gasp!) and am absolutely stoked to share my trials, tribulations, successes and the like with you. I’m also extremely passionate about sharing resources with other actors because for some unknown reason–actually, another post on that later–great actor resources are rather hard to find.

Mission: Sharing amazing resources (both tangible and through stories) to inspire, edify, and invigorate fellow actors, entertainment professionals, and anyone who is actively livin’ the dream.

More specifically, I’m really interested in helping people get to “the next level” in their acting careers. Their are millions of rather good resources for the beginning actor out there, but most of them say pretty much the same things. For the actors out there who have headshots, a resume, and the cohones to take the plunge, I promise to provide advice, wisdom, and resources that will get you to the next level…or at least some sarcasm.

Oh, and I want to dispel–and perhaps support–the various rumors about LA out there.

Now off to a photo shoot for a feature film we’re trying to get funded…

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